Monthly Archives: May 2011

Writing the Perenial Question: What’s the Point of All This?


It’s so easy to continue plugging away at my journalistic efforts— when they’re paying off. That is, when people are responding to my repeated phone calls and emails; when editors are responding to, accepting, paying for and publishing my work.
Then there are days in which my work seems done in a vacuum. No one responds to repeated attempts at communication, the money doesn’t hit my bank account in a timely fashion, an editor belittles me.
Then it’s just nice to crawl into the books I’m writing.
At least in theory. My work is going so poorly at the moment that I would rather crawl into a bed, never to be heard from again. It surely doesn’t seem that the editorial world would care much. Those are the times it’s good to get away from all work. Pushing against the tide is useless as reading in the dark.
Today has been somewhat improved. I’ve received two callbacks from sources across the country and my focus has been stellar, without harming myself with overdetermination.
We’ll see what the future holds for me. It’s hard for me to understand how this works. How can one feel unequivocally that she’s meant to do something yet have virtually everything try to disprove her?

Completing the writing


Upon finishing two articles today I underwent short waves of emotion. The emotion first came to mind as postpartum depression. However, as I explained it to a friend who asked why I was humdrum, I thought perhaps it was more like the empty nest syndrome. The articles are finished, after all. I cannot change them now that they’re in the hands of editors. I’ve sent the pieces off to the world. They’ll be handled and paid and printed in magazines and online.
Does anyone else have this experience?
The only other one I’ve noticed like this is the article that won’t go away. A former editor used to liken those to lovers who you wanted to kick out of your house.