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Last week’s Media Monday department focused on localized social media sites in Mumbai and Peru. This week I continue that theme by discussing such sites in China.

Warning: Some localized social media sites perpetuate the pervert profile peeping of MySpace. Such is the case with ShenzhenStuff (which has cousin sites in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Beijing, and Guangzhou). For men suffering from that unseemly sexual condition known as yellow fever, these sites are their local versions of AdultFriendFinder. (Although admittedly young Chinese girls, or YCGs, go hunting for rich husbands on them, too.) Conversely, Chinese men search for expat female “friends” on a poorly competing site, ShenzhenParty. I didn’t see this predation as much on expat sites in Mumbai, Bombay Expats.

The two free sites, ShenzhenStuff and ShenzhenParty, are rich sources of information and meaningful methods of networking. They’re useful before visiting or moving to the city, as I and other expats have experienced, and good for keeping up with the scene after you’ve left.

Several Chinese cities have sister sites of Shenzhen Stuff

If you’re looking for an apartment in Shenzhen, surf on over to ShenzhenParty. Jobs? Party used to be the source, but now ShenzhenStuff, or SZS, has the best listings.

SZS is also a good place to discover new restaurants, learn about the fantastic metro rail that runs through the city, and plan your social calendar with art gallery exhibits and other events. Furthermore, SZS hosts or sponsors social events throughout the city.

Many tight-knit social groups form on SZS, which fosters further activity on the site and which often leads to significant business for associated certain bars, restaurants, etc. Such was the case with La Casa Crew. The group became extremely popular among Shenzhen denizens and eventually lead to albums produced from restobar La Casa’s weekly open mic nights.

Shenzhen Party Isn't as Thorough but Still Informative

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