Back in the U.S. of A.


A week has passed since I left a country that came to feel like my second home. That’s enough time to have compiled a list of things I love about being in my original home.


My Daddy. He keeps me in stitches. He’s recently begun dating a woman who seems just his type, blonde, petite, 61, sensitive, and outgoing, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Antiques, old houses, handmade candles, beer, and carnivorous tendancies are just some personal things they share in common. How adorable it is to watch him get nervous hours before they meet, to answer his questions about what to wear and how soon to call or respond to an email.

Yes, ma'am, that's my Daddy


Wine. I brought a bottle of pisco with me across country borders. There was already a case of Old World wines awaiting me though, and pitifully it didn’t take me long to remember just how to drown myself in it. I am, in fact, writing this post over a glass of Chianti. The pisco I’ve decided to ration as I won’t find more of it until Enero, or January. I’ve happily shared pisco maracuya and pisco limeade with two neighbors who drank it so fast my heart fell. Pisco is an art; it should be savoured.


Go go Veggie Deli Turkey!

Veggie food. We went grocery shopping a couple days after I arrived. Of course I filled the cart with myriad dairy products: two types of cheese, cottage cheese, sour cream. Daddy also put in some string cheese, which my hips unsuccessfully dissuade me from. For the finale, of course, come granola cereal and granola bars, and tofu deli meat (turkey, in honor of Thanksgiving). Within the next two days I shall whip the kitchen into a frenzy and cook one or two dishes suitable for the pending winter.


Hot water: There’s more hot water than I can use while showering in a bathroom big enough for a person from China, from India, and from Peru. How luxurious to wash my face and hands again— and dishes— in steamy, soapy water.


Egregious television: The flat screen television offers too much for me to disregard. Behold, HGTV and MSNBC! Yesterday, recovering from consuming wine in abundance, I plopped myself on the pomegranate red leather couch and watched about four hours of HGTV, including Dear Genevieve, my favorite HGTV show. Then I discovered the beauty of Current TV as a proper station, more than the snippets of Countdown with Keith Olbermann podcasts I’d seen in Peru. A whole station devoted to leftist propaganda? Joy! Earlier in the week I forced Daddy to watch Bill Clinton on The Colbert Report; the latter he likes, the former…not so much.



As you can see, wine, television, long talks with Daddy, and eating have comprised most of my week here. Dad will be gone hunting for the next two days though, during which work will fill my days. There’s writing to do, Spanish to practice, a stack of magazines to pour through. God don’t let me engordo, or fatten up, and please give me strength to keep up with my writing goals.




2 thoughts on “Back in the U.S. of A.

  1. Connie

    Great back-home post. I’m always fascinated about how people feel and react to the stark contrasts of home vs abroad in a short period of time.

    1. Nichole L. Reber Post author

      Thanks! There are more posts coming, of course. This one I just wanted to rush out because it’d been a few days since I’d posted. How are you? I was just telling a friend about you, Roberto, Ana, and our commune house. Hope you’re well. Did you love your recent trip?


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