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Lance Armstrong’s LIVESTRONG foundation is already a name aligned with sustainability of the body, but its new headquarters in Austin, Texas, has also made headway in the world of sustainable design and building— and finance. The outfit leased corporate office space for 10 years already; it was, therefore, time to invest in its own fiscal future by making its own space. San Antonio, Texas-based Lake|Plato Architects and the Austin, Texas-based Bommarito Group helped achieve that vision by designing the project. Together they transformed a 1950’s warehouse in the urban revitalization district of East Austin into a high contemporary building used by staff, researchers, and patients.

The highly contemporary interior space is illuminated by natural light. Some offices like open-concept boxes of wood, which was made by re-milling the building’s roof decking. Existent beams were reused for enhanced interior architecture aesthetics. The former building’s concrete was also reused as retaining walls, garden elements, and walkways. The reused or repurposed materials help to ground the otherwise steely appearance.

The headquarters also includes meeting rooms, dining facilities, an in-house gymnasium,

and an open-air courtyard for its 88 employees. Expansion plans are already under consideration as the LIVESTRONG itself grows. It is currently some 30,000 square feet under one building.

“This warehouse is being transformed to meet the entire corporate needs which include all offices and functions relating to an office and an expansion plan for a Patient Navigation Area,” according to The Bommarito Group’s web site. “This space will first navigate in diagnoses but more important, support a person through the heeling process once diagnosed with cancer.”

The project has earned many awards, including a listing among the AIA COTE (Committee on the Environment) Top Ten Green Projects this year. It is also a LEED Gold-certified building.

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