Writers Social Media Challenge Builds Better Author Platform


To my fellow writers and those who want a bigger social media presence:

Many of you want to get a book published. Some are interested simply in building more online readership. Here’s a way to satiate both your desires: a month-long challenge to strengthen your platform.

Here’s what happens, according to My Name Is Not Bob, the host, a content provider for that glorious tome called Writer’s Market:

  • We began on April 1, when Bob posted a task for us writers to complete that day.
  • Each day afterward, through the month of April, there will be a new daily task for writers to complete.

Plus, there’s a prize.


My Name Is Not Bob, the Voice behind the Curtain

This challenge appeals to me, a nonfiction writer for whom this will be the fourth (almost consecutive) monthly challenge. Participation in National Novel Writers Month (@NaNoWriMo) in November, followed immediately by the Southeast Review Writer’s Regimen (@SoutheastReview), and the National Travel Writers Month (@NaTraWriMo) yielded success: because of all the practice, my writing has improved, and my daily efforts have become more organized, efficient, and productive.


NaNoWriMo taught me how to set and meet monthly goals, from composing blog posts to how much literary output to expect of myself. SER taught me to approach each essayistic piece in steps rather than tackling the whole thing at once, therefore looking more carefully and slowly at each piece. NaTraWriMo taught me to set monthly submitting goals, thereby familiarizing myself with myriad lit pubs than those daunting ones I remembered from grad school and determining how better to weigh their accordance to my work.


Also, as a result of these efforts, my first piece of literary work has been accepted.


April’s social media event marks my commitment to taking large steps toward my goal of getting a book published. Since publishers won’t even sneeze at MSS unaccompanied a solid author platform, this social media challenge should be add a couple feet at least to my rather pathetic platform. I hope my name– and the event– catch on. What are my mini goals?

  • To gain 100 new followers each month on Twitter,
  • to aim the limelight on my professional Facebook page and gain commentary and “friends”
  • to glean more commentary on my blog, which leads to sponsorships, unsolicited/high quality guest posts

Here’s to hoping my platform improves in conjunction with my writing, merging into the kinda of product that steals a publisher’s attention.  Here’s to you, too. May those of you new to monthly writers challenges and those of you who’ve optimized your experiences gain a handful.

On a sidenote: the existence of the social media challenge came to me through Erika Dreifus. Her blog and newsletter contain informative, professional, non-gimmicky material on building a literary career. Of the hundreds of emails that hit my boxes weekly, hers is one I definitely check. 

3 thoughts on “Writers Social Media Challenge Builds Better Author Platform

  1. Heather

    Hey, I’m doing the challenge too (@quirkycity). I can’t believe how many challenges you’ve done! I failed (got sick) doing the NaNoWriMo challenge, and debated doing NaNoEdMo. But I’m totally enjoying this one, even if it eats into my spec course time. Glad to know about your success. Keep it up! Also, have you done the 3 Day Novel Contest?

    1. Nichole L. Reber Post author

      In an order to galvanize our social media efforts, I’ll ask you instead of Googling it: What’s NaNoEdMo?
      Understood about NaNoWriMo. The work load and competitive nature of it can take its toll.

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