When Expats Return Home


Perhaps it’s time to consider the word procrastination. Capricorns are notorious for it. I am a Cap. I am not, however, notorious for procrastinating. That’s what I seem to be doing when it comes to hopping on LinkedIn (especially) to network for jobs. I thought my disinterest in learning how yet another social media platform–or even another piece of technology– works was the culprit behind my approaching it so slowly. Turns out, I’m actually terrified of the job search and the massive life change that lies before me when I return permanently to the US in 5.5 months.  So it’s not my techno-torment. It’s not that I’ve got so much time. It’s fear. Fear has nudged my underused skills in procrastination to flex their muscles just as surely as a red light stops traffic.


I’m seeking other expats who’ve rejoined the work force upon returning to the US. Chiefly the expats should be those not supported by a major company, expats who had to start from scratch, or at least so it would seem. How did you commence and improve your job search skills? What happened to your career meanwhile?

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